Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Program



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Program
Starts: 02 February 2022
13 Spaces Remaining
Location: Online
Time: 05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

In this online short course you'll focus on an industry problem: How can small-to-medium businesses stay competitive in a digital world by being highly visible among online options?

You'll discover Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) processes and strategies that improve the ranking of your project, service or organisation in an internet search.

Through coaching from an industry expert, you'll become familiar with strategies that you can apply to your website. And by examining industry- and context-specific examples, you'll come to understand which techniques work best in which situations, finishing the course well equipped to improve your online presence.

Invest in your skills and your website's future and upskill quickly and conveniently online, with a trusted university short-course provider..

This program is delivered online over eight (8) hours across a four (4) week period and is designed for students to bring their own business / organisation websites to class and work on them live with the SEO practitioner. We ask that class participants know the login details to the website they are working on before the 1st class.

The class size is small, a maximum of 15 participants. The SEO practitioner will introduce techniques to improve the google search rank of a website that course participants can work through with no previous technical experience.

The class will also help participants write instructions to technical staff for techniques requiring a deep level of skill. There will also be an explanation of how to check if the implementations are correct.


Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee you entry into this course. Some courses receive more applications than the number of places available. In this situation we will also assess your education‚ work and other relevant experience.

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This course has no specific admission requirements.