Effective Time Management



There are no intakes are currently scheduled for this course. Please enquire for more information.

This four-hour professional-development workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to learn foundational time-management skills – particularly planning, goal-setting and prioritising more effectively and efficiently. We encourage individuals from any industry, job, community or sporting organisation to apply.

You'll gain a foundational understanding of effective time management. At the completion of the workshop you will:
  • Have a better understanding of effectively setting goals and objectives.
  • Be able to create plans and schedules for work activities.
  • Begin to understand how to prioritise effectively and delegate.
  • Use digital tools to improve efficiency.
  • Have greater awareness of time wasters, and some strategies to reduce levels of procrastination.

In this workshop, participants will learn how their current time management practices effect the ability to complete work effectively and analyse and identify opportunities for improvement. They will also gain the ability to plan, set goals, prioritise more effectively, reduce time wastage and avoid procrastination. These strategies will result in greater efficiencies, reduced stress, higher levels of job satisfaction and a more desirable work-life balance.

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This course has no specific admission requirements.